Demand Question Time

“Question Time” is an amazing part of Britain’s Parliamentary process where the Prime Minister stands in the Parliament and fields questions.  It is a very rowdy scene in which the opposition can be heard expressing their disdain for the leader as he responds to pointed questions.  I can’t imagine that is how an American question time would ever be.  Ours would be more subdued like the back and forth Obama went through with Republicans in Baltimore last Friday.  And even though that “Question Time” was not all it could have been.  The call for more dialogue like it is a good idea.  Regular questioning of our leaders is important–even if the questions come from politicians with their own agendas.

The funny thing is that so far Republican Congressmen and Senators are more on board with the idea.  Maybe they want a rematch?!

Usually I find online petitions to be pretty useless.  But the supporters of this idea are so cross-partisan, that there may be a chance for this to happen if enough people sign up.


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