a 30 year old conspiracy

We Are Change LA chapter confronts Bob Kerrey of the 9/11 commission who also admits they were lied to by the Pentagon.  the really good stuff starts approximately 5:43 in and ends with a whopper as kerrey says 9/11 is a “30 year old conspiracy”!  This is an interesting admission.  Ya gotta wonder if he means 30 years old on 9/11/2001 or 30 years old as of today.  If the latter, he could be referring to the CIA’s funding of Bin Laden and the Muhajadeen against the Soviets in Afghanistan.  If he means 30 years before 9/11/2001, then he might be referring to Rumsfeld and Cheney inside Nixon’s whitehouse.  Or he could be meaning something more hidden…or throwing out a red herring.  No matter what, it is a very interesting statement from an insider.  I would not expect anything else from Kerrey, though.  He was likely picked for the 9/11 commission because he has enough skeletons in his own closet (Lawrence King/Franklin Credit Union pedophile ring) to be kept in his place.

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