I hate what America has become–from best of Craigslist

There are so many reasons that frankly, it’s hard to pick a place to start:

First of all…..when 28% of you brain dead fucking morons give a blithering IDIOT like Sarah Palin positive approval ratings and think she ought to run for president in 2012, it really makes me sick to know I am lumbered with that many mouth-breathing Cro-Magnons I unfortunately have to consider as my fellow countrymen….trust me…..I don’t. You motherfuckers are beyond help.

And before you go thinking this is a “liberal” based rant…..that brings me to one more item on an ever-lengthening list.

This “Liberal” versus “Conservative” paradigm that so many of you simple dunces buy into…..as BOTH parties sell you out to the multinational corporations, banks and special interests that actually run Washington D.C.)…..you do this STUPID dance every day, blithely detatched from the reality that YOU YOURSELF are helping to DIVIDE AND CONQUER the nation, as you myopically beat your little Hannity/Olberman drum of FUTILE self -righteous indignation. PATHETIC.


One thought on “I hate what America has become–from best of Craigslist

  1. This is a wonderful piece that is destined to become a classic, as it chronicles in truth what America is, for those who care to know, for those who are not yet brainwashed by right wing propaganda on cable TV, for those who are not yet brainwashed by a phony evangelical Christianity in collaboration with political interests deliberately manipulating a desperate, ignorant public. God bless America.

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