Ailing Banks May Require More Aid to Keep Solvent

Some of the nation’s large banks, according to economists and other finance experts, are like dead men walking.

A sober assessment of the growing mountain of losses from bad bets, measured in today’s marketplace, would overwhelm the value of the banks’ assets, they say. The banks, in their view, are insolvent.
None of the experts’ research focuses on individual banks, and there are certainly exceptions among the 50 largest banks in the country. Nor do consumers and businesses need to fret about their deposits, which are federally insured. And even banks that might technically be insolvent can continue operating for a long time, and could recover their financial health when the economy improves.


Staggering.    The bankster gangsters whined and moaned to let them hold less and less reserves than ever.  All the while creating loan money out of thin air to collect interest from us.  They get kickbacks from the Fed for being in the game.  They turned Wall Street into a fraudulent casino.  They extorted the TARP from us to keep their lies alive.  Every bit of our economy is rigged for their benefit.  Now they are demanding more!  Once again, these assholes are saying the whole economy will tank if we–you and me–do not buy the worthless junk assets from them.  This will be bigger than TARP.  And despite all of Obama’s bluster and bull, he will back this–just watch.  We, the people are being robbed blind.  This system has to end.  It is winding down (possibly exploding) already on its own.  When the Dollar collapses–REMEMBER WHAT THEY DID!!

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