Who is a Threat to World Peace? by Finian Cunningham

The Declared Nuclear Powers, America, Britain and France Defeated by the Power of Reason

It is a fairly reliable rule of thumb that when a person refuses to listen to the argument of another, it is a sign that the person is betraying the fact that his own argument is flawed – or downright spurious.

Take the case of the US and its allies, Britain and France in particular, which allege that Iran is a threat to world peace, has sinister ambitions to build nuclear weapons and is in violation of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

The latter, signed in 1970, obliges its 189 signatories to desist from obtaining nuclear weapons or, if they already have possession, to ensure that these weapons are not provided to other countries and for themselves to take earnest steps to disarm. The NPT, however, affords the legal right to all signatories to develop nuclear energy for civilian purposes, such as electrical power and medical treatment.

For its part, Iran has (repeatedly) stated that central to its foreign policy is “justice” and neighbourly relations. Unlike nuclear-armed US, Britain and France, which are conducting criminal wars in at least three countries, Iran is not at war with anyone. As for NPT compliance, Iran has consistently denied the allegation that it is intending to build nuclear weapons, saying that such weaponry is “immoral”. The UN nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, confirms after several years of rigorous inspections that the agency has not seen any evidence of Iran possessing such weaponry or the technological means for achieving it. Iran has openly declared that it is developing uranium-enriching technology for civilian purposes and has given notice of these developments at every step – as per its treaty obligation.

So what happens when these opponents come face to face?


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