3 thoughts on “If ANY Other Nation Had Done This We’d Be Up In Arms! Helen Thomas

  1. If any soldier of any army anywhere in the world was boarding a ship in a time of war was attacked with bats and knives and grenades, any soldier would have replied back with gunfire.

    If that ship were headed for Al Queda to give them supplies, and I was hit with a baseball bat, I sure as hell would have shot back too.

  2. Hmmmm…..OK, but this was not “in a time of war” and these people were not delivering supplies to Al Queda. These were people on a mission of peace and charity.

  3. “but this was not “in a time of war””

    Israel has a military blockade around Gaza, and Gaza has launched thousands of Rockets at Israel while claiming Israel has taken their land. How would you define war?

    “not delivering supplies to Al Queda.”
    No, they were delivering them to Hamas. The governments of the European Union, Israel, Japan, Canada, and the United States classify Hamas as a terrorist organization.

    “These were people on a mission of peace and charity.”
    I watched the video. The soldier landed on the ship and they threw him over the deck and beat the next few with crude bats and knives. They did this after trying to run through a military blockade.

    America once set up a blockade of Japan during WWII. Suppose some “peace activists” tried to run past American Navy ships to deliver supplies to the Japanese, you think American navy ships would have let them through? Suppose American soldiers boarded those ships and the “peace activists” attacks the US soldiers with knives and bats, think the US soldiers would have not fired back? Looking at militants with knives and bats trying to supply Hamas “peace activists” is an insult to real peace activists.

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