2 thoughts on “July 3rd in Indianapolis!

  1. The floatilla was not attacked. It was boarded for a search, because of a blockaid. It was the people on board the floatilla that attacked the Isreali Military. How about doing a seminar on how the Hamas propaganda affects the world view of Isreal defending itself. Isreal is constantly bombed by Hamas and Palastine, the news never reports that; but when she defends herself it is all over the news. No one wants to talk about human rights violations from Hamas, or any other radical muslem group. Do you really think sharia law is the better choice? Or are you just looking on the surface of the issue. Even on the surface of this issue, it is obvious that the people on the boat were the aggressors, and that the Military personel had every right to defend themselves. From where I sit it is the Left that is spewing all the propaganda, and viewing everything emotionally instead of useing common sense. there people out there who want all Jews, and Americans dead and will stop at nothing to achieve that goal, even strap bombs to themselves and their children.

  2. Well, not sure what this has to do with the show we’re having this Saturday, but…….

    This is not a “Left/Right” issue. The matter here is that Israel attacked a ship in international waters. The matter is that Israel is an Apartheid State that even South Africa has called out as such. The matter is that Hamas is an organization that Israel funded to oppose Arafat and is the elected government in Gaza. The matter is that Israel’s blockade of Gaza is one of the most vicious forms of collective punishment ever inflicted on a people. The matter is that Hamas had a cease-fire agreement that was broken by Israel in 2009. When the Gazans retaliated (weakly), the Israelis launched Operation Cast Lead –killing thousands of Gazans and decimating their farmlands. Then they started the cruel blockade which has been condemned by every nation in the world except the US. And the matter is we Americans send Israel billions every year while we are already drowning in debt.

    BTW–Gazans and Hamas do not practice Sharia law.

    We may never know exactly how the flotilla attack went down. I just know you can’t trust the Israelis to be honest about it. –not after they rejected the Goldstone Report.

    If we don’t stop letting Israel lead our foreign policy we will find ourselves in more and more wars. ….No thanks.

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