Greenpeace director tells IPCC boss Rajendra Pachauri to stand down over glacier claim

The 2035 claim originated in an article published in New Scientist magazine which even the author has admitted was based on “speculation” rather than formal research.


Greenpeace is asking Pachauri to step down so the IPCC can replace him with someone the public can trust, but GP is not exactly trustworthy on this topic either:

Of course we need cleaner air, more energy efficiency, etc.  But the warming alarmists are a cult who will say anything to get their way.  This is not healthy for politics or science.

Corbett Report:The banker’s cabal and guilty crimatologists

Good summary of largely looked-over news of the last week.  However, Corbett makes the same mistake seen elsewhere of thinking the Congress was laughing AT the President’s remark about global warming in the SOTU .  The laughter heard was the laughter of smug politicians who think the science is “settled” and doubters are beneath them.

Rapidly melting credibility

“Now, the UN’s vaunted 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report turns out to contain a whopper. The report describes as “very high” the likelihood that continued global warming will cause the glaciers in Himalayan Mountains to disappear by 2035 if not sooner. Amazingly, it turns out that the source of this claim is an unsupported statement of one researcher that appeared in a magazine article. Worse yet, the IPCC report’s editors knew full well that the assertion was based on speculation rather than peer reviewed science, and in fact it was disputed by several scientists when it appeared in early drafts. Nonetheless, it was left in for political reasons.”

Rapidly melting credibility

Now Osama’s fighting global warming!

The latest tape from the dead guy the government just loves to hate!  This one has Osama blaming the US for global warming!  Wayne Madsen’s analysis is pretty good here except for two things:  Osama likely died years ago (actually, I think Madsen knows this and has said so before but didn’t see the point of bringing it up when this tape is so obviously fake).  Plus, he mentions “voice-morphing” technology as though it is so advanced it can take anyone and make them sound like someone else entirely.  Voice-morphing is audio software based on infinite impulse responses and is not nearly as good as Madsen thinks it is.  For it to work, someone has to do a damned good impersonation of the target in the first place.  The morphing software just helps it get closer.