University Of Colorado Must Reinstate Professor Whose Free Speech Rights Were Violated

After he was fired from the teaching post he had held for many years, Ward Churchill sued the University and its Board of Regents alleging that he was unconstitutionally terminated because of a controversial and unpopular essay he had written concerning the events on September 11. In April 2009, a jury agreed that Churchill was fired for expressing his personal opinions, which is a clear violation of his First Amendment rights.

However, a judge denied Churchill’s petition to be reinstated to his job, essentially denying him any relief for the blatant denial of his rights. Churchill is appealing that decision to the Colorado Court of Appeals.


Churchill is not even what people would call a 9/11 “truther”.  He merely wrote an essay saying that 9/11 was a case of our foreign policy creating a backlash against us–that the chickens had come come home to roost.  The idea that he has faced such grief over this reasonable (albeit controversial) claim has to have a stifling effect on Academia at large.  When University profs can’t disagree with the establishment we are facing a serious problem.

Control freaks want web licences to end bloggers’ anonymity – be very afraid

The American blogosphere is going increasingly “viral” about a proposal advanced at the recent meeting of the Davos Economic Forum by Craig Mundie, chief research and strategy officer for Microsoft, that an equivalent of a “driver’s licence” should be introduced for access to the web. This totalitarian call has been backed by articles and blogs in Time magazine and the New York Times.


Driver’s licenses for the Internet

These are incredibly complex problems that even the smartest of the smart admit they don’t have a great handle on, although Craig Mundie, Microsoft’s chief research and technology officer, offered up a surprisingly simple solution that might start us down a path to dealing with them: driver’s licenses for the Internet.


Anonymity on the web is the last great hope for freedom and progress on the planet.  The only people clamoring for crap like “internet driver’s licenses” are those afraid of The People.  Cyber-criminals will not go away because of new rules–they are already breaking the LAW!  The only thing that measures like this would do is suppress free speech.  It would be a great thing for dictators and an awful thing for the rest of us.

Meanwhile, Microsoft continues to create the most vulnerable operating systems and web browsers around, and the powers that want to control us do little to prosecute criminals caught on the web.  Do you see the connection here?  They’re letting the criminals run amok hoping for the public outcry of “make us safe, oh dear government”!  But that hasn’t happened, because for every nefarious user of the net, there are thousands of good guys closing the security gaps.  The net is not the wild west.  It is democracy at its finest.