The global warming guerrillas

Contrast it with, a site founded in November 2006 by a former Californian television weather forecaster named Anthony Watts. Dedicated at first to getting people to photograph weather stations to discover how poorly sited many of them are, the site has metamorphosed from a gathering place for lonely nutters to a three-million-hits-per-month online newspaper on climate full of fascinating articles by physicists, geologists, economists and statisticians.


This is a wonderful short piece about the real debunking of man-made global warming theory. Even if you don’t believe the skeptics you should read this because you probably have been wondering why so many people you would normally think rational have “fallen for the big oil propaganda”. This article is about the real skeptic movement that comes not from well-funded naysayers, but from thoughtful people who have found a myriad of flaws in the “accepted” science. It is about little guys. These are the people that have forced so much of the British and Australian press to begin airing contrarian views. Not the big oil companies.