Naomi Wolf Thinks the Tea Parties Help Fight Fascism — Is She Onto Something or in Fantasy Land?

In her bestselling End of America, Naomi Wolf outlines the 10 warning signs that America is headed toward a fascist takeover. Using historical precedents, she explains how our government is mimicking those of Mussolini, Hitler and Stalin through practices like surveillance of ordinary citizens, restricting the press, developing paramilitary forces and arbitrarily detaining people.

The book was lauded by liberals under Bush: the Independent Publishers gave it the Freedom Fighter Award; John Nichols at the Nation named it the most valuable political book of 2007. Now, under President Obama, Wolf’s book is providing ammunition for the Tea Partiers, Patriots, Ron Paul supporters and Oath Keepers, who also warn of impending tyrannical government.


Ryan Dawson on Tea parties–from 911 truth to Ron Paul to unfortunate Republican BS

Ry is right on here.  Don’t know if I’ll be painting my face any time soon, but he’s still right on.

I like the idea of “The Coffee Party” movement.  Americans fell in love with coffee when they stopped drinking tea (because of the King’s tax).